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what is your management style? 

In the 1930's Psychologist Kurt Lewin identified three main behaviour styles that could be found in every leader.


The 10 question assessment below is based on his leadership framework and will help define what style of management you lean naturally more towards. 

Choose options A, B or C according to how you’d honestly behave rather than how you think you should behave. Keep a record of your answers & select the results box below to reveal your natural management style.  

1. You experience conflict in your team: Do you

A. Remind everyone they have work and goals to be done.

B. Bring everyone together to discuss the situation.

C. Let them work it out themselves.                                 


2. How much do you trust your team members?

A. Not at all.

B. A fair amount.

C. A lot.                              


3. Some of the team are skilled & self-motivated. They should:

A. Still follow the same strategies & processes as everyone.  

B. Only hold planning sessions with me.

C. Be left alone, they know how to get results.


4. Best way for me to ensure my team meets their goals is to:

A. Lead from the front.

B. Encourage participation from everyone.

C. Delegate often & widely.                                   


5. A 5 hour project deadline requires 12 hours, do you:

A. Issue instructions & deadlines to each team member.

B. Ask the team the fastest way to complete it.

C. Relay the deadline & let everyone get on with it.

6. You believe that someone not performing should be:

A. Punished, so it doesn't happen again.

B. Talk it through, to resolve it.

C. Left - It will work itself out.                                    


7. I need to develop & apply a new commercial strategy, so I:

A. Draw up the strategy & sell it to the team.

B. Tell the team the strategy & ask how they'll meet it.

C. Pass the project & ask to come back with a plan.     


8. I like to:

A. Make a decision after I've told the team my rationale.

B. Make a decision but not until my team has input.

C. Let my team make the decisions.                


9. When I have a new recruit on my team, I normally :

A. Make sure they understand processes & expectations.

B. Invite into meetings to see how the team works.

C. Let them discover how they'll fit in.                  


10. My idea of a great leader is someone who:

A. Knows best, that’s why they’re the leader.

B. Understands they are only part of a bigger team.

C. Gives team's space to develop & get on with their work.

Tot-up your score: Are you mostly A's, B's, C's or a real mix of all? 

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