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Become a Trusted Leader.

open for individual and group bookings.

what you will discover.

Research proves that while most of us think we understand ourselves, we often have little idea of how others really see us. This alarming gap leads to misunderstandings, poor performance, increased conflict, poor decision-making & a lack of direction. In this this lively and practical workshop we’ll help develop your authentic self through understanding your image removing unconscious attitudes & beliefs & structured honest communication that help you become a better leader. Do you want to learn how to deploy your unique leadership assets while managing the inherent tensions at the heart of successful leadership: when to show emotion & when to withhold it, how to get close to followers while maintaining an appropriate role distance, & maintaining your individuality while "conforming enough" to gain traction & lead change? Then this workshop will provide you with greater awareness of how you can walk that line in your own unique style. ONE DAY MASTERCLASS OUTLINE Understand the term Authentic Leadership & Emotional Intelligence (EI/EQ) | Learn from leaders who have high EI & the impact it has | Discover the Charisma model & learn how to build trust | Exploring self-awareness, self-regulation,social skills,empathy & motivation | Identify practical tools & strategies to use in workplace communication | Identify the consequences of temperament & trauma on brain chemistry. WHO IS IT FOR? Professionals who want to recognize, understand & manage their own emotions & improve their influence with colleagues. OUTCOME AND BENEFITS Create inspiration in others with clearer, open communication | Increase levels of employee engagement & retention | Manage difficult situations successfully & reduce stress | Increased resilience, positive responses & productivity. "Brilliant & simple strategies to follow that actually work I can't believe I wasn't told this earlier in my career." Pfizer - Safety Risk Lead (SRL) – Director Available as a Virtual workshop & 121 Coaching (contact us for more information)

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Holborn London GBR

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