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Engagement Listening Labs.

what you will discover.

Listening to someone is one thing, but making them feel heard is even more powerful! 'Listening Labs' is a unique way to delve into hard to recognize issues your employees may have that an engagement survey just can't do. Listening Labs is a scientifically driven process used by top Global Retailers to gather qualitative feedback that’s not apparent in quantitative surveys. The diversity of today’s workforce means there needs to be a different kind of engagement survey. Listening Labs also helps people understand their role & where they fit - This helps generate trust among all parties. The 1-2 day process differs from focus groups as they’re employee driven to provide honest & genuine feedback. If you believe you need more than a 'temperature-check’ of your people at a given point in time – Or seek a true reflection of ongoing employee engagement then Listening Labs can help. For a private conversation about how the Listening Labs Project will work for your organisation including dates then please contact us directly.

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