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Make time work for you.

what you will discover.

No matter who you are, we all have 168 hours each week, but your ability to use those 168 hours will ultimately to term in your success. Poor time management has an impact on both the individual & the team. It increases stress levels, lowers productivity & can lead to conflict among team members. This intensive workshop will focus on learning how to effectively control both time & resource. ONE DAY MASTERCLASS OUTLINE Analyse how you currently use your time | Learn 3 unique goal setting models used by Google, Twitter & Cisco | Improve how to plan & evaluate priorities | Deal with procrastination & the work environment | Identify & brainstorm solutions for time bandits | Manage meetings effectively, learn the art of delegation and when to say 'NO' | Manage stress effectively & develop resilience. WHO IS IT FOR? Professionals, Managers & teams who want or need to be more effective and efficient with their day. OUTCOME AND BENEFITS Recognize personal strengths & weaknesses in how you manage time | Take control of time & make improvements to work habits | Increase confidence in making decisions & communicating to teams | Reduce stress & improve resilience levels. "I loved this course! I learnt so much and found the course materials very informative. The modules & questions were well posed, & very thought provoking". Centuar PLC - Event Manager

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