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Ultimate HR people strategy

what you will discover.

If someone asked you "what's your people strategy", how would you answer? Not providing a clear answer has cost executive teams millions so we've developed a simple & effective one day workshop designed to provide clear insight & tactical plan to improve every aspect of your employee experience. ONE DAY WORKSHOP OUTLINE Professionally facilitated session involving HR & (if desired) Senior Executives. The group reviews thirteen (13) crucial steps of the employee experience to determine the current situation & strategy for improvement. WHO IS IT FOR? HR, Executives and Senior Management that require a no nonsense strategy, plan & guide to best practice for their employee experience. OUTCOMES AND BENEFITS HR & People Development Plan | Develop on how to attract and recruit the best people | Support people to fulfill their potential & meet their career aspirations | Improve retention & recognition factors | Create greater engagement & clear succession plan | Promote & secure excellent leadership & management | Improve & maintain a progressive, collaborative & healthy working culture. "This was such an eye-opener for both our Executive Board and HR team." Working Chance - Chief Executive Officer

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